BioSonic Attunement

welcome to BioSonic Attunement

My name is Nancy Hilton and I am here to facilitate your journey back to your truest version of yourself.

As a professionally trained musician, I have been working with sound and frequencies for most of my life. Beyond contemporary music, there is Sacred Sound. This is the natural frequency for all life on Earth. We see its expression in the world of matter as the Fibonacci sequence, the spirals of a sea shell, and the pattern of plants. It is within us as well.

Mainstream science has long recognized that we all have an electromagnetic energy field that exists as an unseen vibration. It is known in quantum physics as the string theory.

With so many unhealthy frequencies around us, from cell phones and computers to trauma and stress, our resonant frequency can become disrupted and unbalanced. BioSonic Attunement is designed to bring you back into alignment.

BioSonic Attunement is a holistic healing practice that uses sound vibration to restore balance and harmony. This is a treatment created from my training and my own intuition.