About Nancy                                                             

    • B.M. , Berklee College of Music, Boston
    • Teacher of Voice, Piano Guitar & Ukulele
    • Member of the Sound Healers Association
    • Reiki Master
    • Theta Level ll Training

Nancy has been a musician all her life, turning to the power of sound to help her navigate this life. She is was classically trained at the Berklee College of Music and went on to explore many genres of sound from Jazz singing to traditional Hindu chanting.

Nancy has done intensive studies in Sacred Sounds with masters in the field, such as Jonathan Goldman, Vicki Dodd, Fabien Maman & Muktananda.

She has also been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years.

What is BioSonic Attunement?

Beyond contemporary music, there is Sacred Sound. It is the resonance of 2 notes played together which creates the Perfect Fifth. This is the natural frequency for all life on Earth. We see its expression in the world of matter as the Fibonacci sequence, the spirals of a sea shell and the pattern of plants. It is within us as well.

With so many unhealthy frequencies around us, from cell phones and computers to trauma and stress, our resonant frequency can become disrupted and unbalanced.  BioSonic Attunement is designed to bring you back into alignment.

This is a treatment Nancy wove together from her training and her own intuition.

The intention is to relax and realign the client’s energy field and balance the chakras. This is process is facilitated with the use of a Far-InfraRed Heated Amethyst Bio Mat during the session. It is an approved medical device for the treatment of pain and stress management. It also helps strengthen the immune system.