Sound Therapy

BioSonic Attunement
Reiki, Sound & Far InfraRed Therapies
During your BioSonic Attunement session, you will relax on a BioMat.This BioMat is a US FDA registered medical device for pain & stress management. A comfortable Far InfraRed bed of heated amethyst crystals, the BioMat emits negative ions. The proven benefits of Far InfraRed and Negative Ion therapy provide a deep treatment of the client’s circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. Long Wave Far InfraRed Rays can penetrate deeply and warm the body from the inside out. It can stimulate many of our body’s systems.
Benefits include strengthening the immune system and the reduction of pain, anxiety, insomnia and stress. It is used by many professionals and private individuals around the world.

The client’s breath is guided to be gentle and deep. The balancing interval of the perfect fifth (the 3:2 Pythagorean Golden Ratio) is introduced to the energy field through tuning forks. The client’s body is scanned with this vibration and another set of tuning forks is used on the body to deepen the physical resonance. Using this technique on the acupuncture Shu points assists the life force energy to remove blockages on all levels of mind/body/spirit.

Reiki is guided though light touch or no touch. Reiki is a non-invasive and completely benign technique that is spiritually guided by life force energy. It will flow wherever needed. The practitioner is trained to be a detached conduit for this energy. Intuitive toning sounds may  come up to assist in clearing blocked energy.
Reiki is the intelligence in everything. Some call it The Creator, Brahman, Allah, God, Great Spirit, etc.
Ki is the non-physical energy in all living things. Some call it Prana or Chi or Breath. Ki is strengthened or weakened by the quality of thoughts and feelings.  Through the nervous system, the mind is connected to every organ & tissue and extends 2 to 3 feet outside the body in the subtle energy field.
Mainstream science has long recognized that we all have an electro-magnetic energy field. And that this energy exists as vibration that we cannot see. It is known in Quantum Physics as The String Theory.
Quartz Crystals are also used in the energy field. Quartz is a powerful amplifier and transducer of energy. The use of quartz in computers was developed by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel. When he retired, he spent the rest of his life cutting crystals to specific dimensions to raise the vibratory rate of life force energy.
Toning is the use of vocally created and sustained intuitive sound as a therapeutic tool. It is an ancient practice used to restore balance and harmony.
When the treatment is finished, the client may lie on the BioMat for a little while to assimilate the session and slowly return to awareness.

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