“I was fortunate to have a 3-session BioSonic Attunement with Nancy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone feeling lost or unbalanced. With an amethyst mat providing energy beneath me, Nancy used a variety of sound and other techniques to shake up and smooth out energy from above and all around. She helped me to find the simple happy self that was buried under years of “growing up”, and which I can still use as an anchor point when I need peace and grounding now. Thank you, Nancy!”


“In 2015 after a triple bypass and major abdominal surgery, Nancy Hilton treated me with a BioSonic Attunement. This was a critical time in my healing and her treatments helped in my recovery. She is a sensitive and gentle therapist, whom i would recommend to any patient in need.”


“I have known Nancy Hilton as an accomplished musician and astrologer for over 20 years. Adding to that foundation she has studied with some of the most accomplished scholars and practitioners of the healing arts. Recently I was experiencing a rough  patch that affected me physically ,  mentally & spiritually. I had been suffering from anxiety attacks, depression, digestive issues and crying a lot . I needed a visit to see Nancy.
She looked at my astrological chart and saw some pretty heavy aspects looming .Probably contributed  to  some of my discomfort . She read my cards  and made some dietary suggestions for my stomach issues. But the best part of all was the treatment i received on her magic table.  Part of the magic of the table is the amethyst crystal infra red mat  she’s got on it. No need to undress, all treatments are no touch except for the placement of stones and crystals. The room was prepared with sage and incense, the music was perfect and she began using tuning forks  and singing, a chakra realignment, how lovely.  The treatment progressed  and that’s where the magic happens, I definitely felt better when she was done.
I also left with a plan of action as to how to best work these astrological aspects  difficult as they may seem now, with an astrologer’s guidance , Nancy showed me where I could better place my energy to get the most out of it.
I would recommend anyone who  is thinking about an alternative  approach to their own well being to experience for themselves  how these treatments can uplift, and inform.”